Price: $25

Seller: Lee
State: Arkansas
City: Austin
Zip code: 78741
Type: Animals

I have a sweet dog that I have been taking care of for its original owner who passed away. Her name is Ginger. She is a mix of Chihuahua and another breed that I am not sure of. She is approximately 3.5 years old, approximately 12 inches long and about 10 pounds.
Originally she is housetrained with the disposable training mats when she needs to go and she is used to being taken outside by standing near the door or anxiously showing interest in going outside when you ask if she wants to go.
She knows commands, like "stay" ?go? ?no? ?come on? As mentioned, she lost her previous owner and from what I can see, she is a very sweet loving dog and enjoys a lot of attention.
She has no health conditions that I am aware of although I have not taken her to the veterinarian and do not know if her previous owner did.
She does not mind having her nails clipped or getting baths. Excessive barking has never been a problem. She has also proven to get along with cats. She?s a very friendly dog, but forbidden to jump on people or furniture. She is a wonderful happy go lucky dog and deserves a good home which is all that I want for her.
I am only asking for a $25.00 adoption fee. If you are interested and feel that you can provide a good home for her please contact me at 512-698-.