Price: $40

Seller: Chris De Hart
State: Arkansas
City: Austin
Zip code: 47102
Type: Animals

Will have several litters in and typically "normal" are $40.00, striped $50.00-1,000.00 depending on degree of striping/hypo, hypos $60.00-$100.00, poss super hypos $60.00-$150.00. Born here...NOT "farmed imports" or resold from wholesalers. Located 70 miles south of Indianapolis/35 miles North of Louisville very near I-65.
As of June , there are poss super hypos, some with striping, eating, shedding, ready to go, from "sunburn hypo (het sunset cross)" to Salmontine! So, they are very outbred, and should be extremely high colored by maturity, and max out medium-sized...probably 5-8 feet.